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31 Very Stylish Coordinate tattoos for Cool BodyArt!

A man is born at a certain time and place in the world and each orientation event has its own coordinates.

For some, these numbers and letters are more valuable than any reminder and are therefore a precious ink.

A coordinated tattoo can mark everything from the birthplace to the ancestral region, through important travel locations or milestones. Weddings, meetings, or spiritual awakenings – all contain a geographic coordinate. It is well known that close friends, couples and siblings receive matching coordinated tattoos, as well as parents who wish to mark a good arrival and addition to their family.

(For example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decided to tattoo the coordinates of the birthplace of their children.) Your coordinate tattoo is your story, your story; Just as the body witnesses its own journey, a coordinated tattoo is a painful milestone.

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