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Agape Tattoo Design ideas for 2019

Agape is a Greek word Koine which means “love”. The Word can also be found in Christian theology, with many faithful adherents of the faith accepting the agape tattoo to show their devotion.

Agape means more than love in the Christian faith, but the love that God has for all humanity, which differs substantially from Eros or Philia, the most human facets of worship.

Agape represents God’s higher unconditional love, regarded by many as the purest form. Agape tattoos mean the wearer’s connection with the Divine and self-denial, a reminder that we are all God-protected and that we are all unconditionally loved.

Agape tattoos can be worn anywhere on the body, although people usually place them where they can often see them, giving them strength and comfort throughout the day. It is common to see tattooing in traditional Greek, even in Hebrew, a sure sign that we are all children of a higher power, a vessel of infinite love.

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